Bernard Hill

Bernard a Johannesburg based designer and developer and I has over 19 years of web experience. He has seen the internet grow from simple Netscape BB pages to the most sophisticated cloud based application services. His expertise lies in the PHP and mysql platform with all the bells and whistles that goes with it.

"My work is my hobby, and my hobby is my work."


Nerésa Vogel

With experience in various fields of Strategic Communication (Social Media), Fundraising and Donor Nurturing, partnering with Creative Side Digital Solutions is an exciting new field to explore.  After 19 years in the sales & marketing industry the active building and maintaining of quality and sustainable business relationships comes naturally.

By using various methods, potential clients are prospected. Nerésa has vast experience in public speaking and formed part of the Pretoria East Toastmasters Club (PETC) that provides a supportive learning environment which enables members to develop public speaking and leadership skills. 

Regular competitor analysis and organisation positioning are carried out to help clients meet their marketing, communication and sales goals with objectives.  Through the Lifework Leadership Programme that is designed for leaders who desire transformation Nerésa challenged her mind and engaged her heart to reach even higher leadership skills.


QJ Photography

QJ Photography is a full time professional photographer with 9 years of experience in the industry.  He is the official photographer for Dance World Cup South Africa, OUTSURANCE, Doxa Deo, Miss Gauteng Schools, Glamlight Model Agency and Whispering Treetops Garden Venue.  He delivers high quality digital photographic imaging in a wide variety of industry areas such as modelling, weddings, corporate functions, birthdays, stock-tea, kitchen tea, engagement shoots, couture, dance competitions, team building, architecture and product marketing.

True magical moments are borrowed in a freezing instant when reporting words are unclear and video evidence miss subtle realities.
Thank you that QJ Photography can capture your memories on one of your most important days of your life.


Wanda Vogel

Wanda a freelance photographer specializing in Location and Property photography, and her aim is to help with the visual marketing process and delivering quality images for the client's media channels.