Phillipe Amazani

Philippe is an architectural draftsman by profession. He has specialised in social media platforms over the past couple of years. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and empowering young people to shape the future they want.

In 2015, he founded UZURIA “Scents of Africa”, a local company working closely with artisans that design and develop uniquely African, handcrafted, Home Fragrance products. For each UZURIA product sold, a fixed percentage goes towards the care of orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable babies at the MUPHAMUZI BABY HOME in Pretoria, South Africa.

Also loving fine food, he founded "Chef & Guests" in 2017. Chef & Guests is a private chef experience designed to bring people together over the love of fine food. This is a unique culinary experience bringing you restaurant quality food and services directly into the comfort of your own home or at an exclusive venue.